What We Do

Credit Risk Analysis

Understanding risk.

Loan Structure.

Credit and risk management.

Basic accounting concepts and issues.

Risk analysis framework - Top down approach.

Fundamentals of credit.

Bank credit products.

Borrowing cause and loan structure.

Legal aspect of banking and securities for lending.

Balance sheet recognition.

Loan monitoring/Delinquent loan management.

Risk Analysis/Management

Introduction to risk management.

Credit risk management.

Market and Operational risk management.

Analyzing other types of risk (tax, legal, political, accounting, liquidity etc)

Risk measurement tools.

Use of derivativies in risk management.

Developing risk standards.

Identifying the essential criteria for implementing risk management controls and procedures.

Legal aspects(overview of regulations).

Corporate Finance

Time value of money and project evaluation.

Financial statement analysis.

Ratio analysis and interpretation.

Assessing cost of capital.

Investment bankig and other corporate finance advisory roles.

Capital market instruments and selecting appropriate capital market instruments.

Equity capital raising methods.

Company valuation techniques.

Financing acquisition and analysing takeovers.

Further corporate finance deals.

Business Advisory

Corporate restructing.

Change and turn around management.

Corporate and business units strategy formation.

Business process review and business process re-engineering.

Other business planning and strategy formulation modules for startup and existing businesses.

Human Resource Management.

Management Information System.

Economic studies.

Soft Skills

Leadership Training.

Motivational and Inspirational courses.

Personal Development.

Corporate Etiquette.

Budgetary Planning and Control.

Negotiation Skills.

Presentation Skills.

Team Building.

Retirement Planning.

Decision Making.

Business Ethics.

Financial Advisory

Debit and equity capital raising.

Capital optimization.

Investment analysis and recommendation.

Design and implementation of stock credit control systems.

Development and implementation of costing systems.