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What We Do

We develop training contents that integrates the specific needs of our clients with their corporate strategy.

Our Core Programmes

Impactful & Interactive

Our training sessions are highly impactful & interactive. Our learning methods help participants quickly translate learning to work skills.

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We are focused on developing and delivering training sessions that are highly impactful and interactive.


We are committed to helping employers and job seekers reach their full potentials by placing the right people in the right jobs. Our recruitment process includes; interviews, screening and selection.

Quality Programmes

Our training programmes are delivered by professional facilitators. We also follow up with the participants to futher help them with learned skills on the job.

About Us

The KRC Limited is a boutique Human Resources Support Company specializing in providing training solutions for organizations in the financial services sector.

We provide technical and generic organisation-specific programmes designed with global standards in mind and applicable to client’s region of operations.

We monitor the quality of programme delivery from our facilitators and follow up with participants to further help them deploy learned skills on the job.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop training contents that will integrate the specific needs of clients with their corporate strategy and continually liaise with them in tracking the effect of knowledge impacted, identifying and responding to skill gaps and to periodically offer recap courses in a bid to reinforce impacted knowledge.

Who We Serve

Financial Institutions

Corporate Bodies

Non Financial Institutions


What We Do

Credit Risk Analysis

Understanding risk.

Loan structure.

Credit and risk management.





Corporate Finance Training

Time value of money and project evaluation.

Financial statement analysis.

Ratio analysis and interpretation.

Financial Advisory

Debit and equity capital raising.

Capital optimization.

Investment analysis and recommendation.

Business Advisory

Corporate restructing.

Change and turn around management.

Corporate and business units strategy formation.

Soft Skills

Leadership Training.

Motivational and Inspirational courses.

Personal Development.


Core Programmes.

The Credit School Programme (CSP)
Service Excellence Programme
Personal Development Programme

Training Schedule

August 2016 | N/A
August 2016 | N/A
August 2016 | N/A

Now Recruiting: Coronation Bank

Coronation Bank is searching for outstanding graduates who share our values. In return, we’ll offer world-class training and mentoring, rewarding job rotations and the opportunity for an exciting career in the banking industry.

Our Facilitators

Our inhouse facilitators are professional with years of experience which equips them with the indept understanding needed to deliver the courses specific to your learning needs. The KRC also works with a wide network of facilitators who are experts in their own field.

Simon Aranonu

Financial/IFC Trainer

ID Ogufere

Personal/Business Coach

Kingsley C. Dibiana


Gabe I. Fatona


Mosun Belo-Olusoga

Credit & Soft-skills

My training programme has greatly influenced the quality of my work and my relationship with my Colleagues from other units of the Bank. The courses were demystified by the KRC team. The facilitators conformed to standard while still passing knowledge across. When you speak of professionalism at its peak, KRC stays at the top of my list.

- Chioma Nwosu

The programmes at KRC are highly rewarding, given the caliber of the training consultants that have been engaged to anchor it. I gained a holistic understanding of the subjects taught and I am equipped with the knowledge needed to further carry out my work in the most effective and efficient manner.

- Adebowale Bakare

Training Resource Centre

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